Perfect Weekend? Fishing Opener/Mother’s Day jackpot; Mosquito boom ahead?

Mostly sunny & dry this weekend

Perfect timing for Minnesota anglers & moms everywhere

Resort boom? Brisk fishing opener traffic after a tough winter season?

Mosquito boom? Rains busted the drought, and may trigger a mosquito boom soon

Weather widgets – great little tools to help you visualize the weather

Check out the “YoWindow” screensaver below. Just click on the image and choose your forecast time. Kind of a neat way to visualize NWS forecast data on your desktop.

A perfect “10”

It’s hard to argue that Thursday was anything short of “Springtacular”.

These are the days many of us live for in Minnesota.

Yes some of us love plowing through deep snow on skis or a sled, watching the storms, or baking in summer heat at the beach or State Fair. (Did I just type that?) But if you didn’t absolutely savor our sunny, slightly breezy, mild “May-Tastic” Thursday you may need to see somebody about that.

Fickle Friday:

A cool front will sweep through Minnesota Friday. The front is relatively weak, but will have enough oomph to trigger a few scattered showers and maybe a grumble of thunder around midday.

29 nwss.PNG

Perfect Timing: Bonus “Holiday” weekend?

Okay, so maybe Fishing Opener doesn’t technically qualify as a major holiday. Tell that to the guy with the bass boat, or the resort owner on Mille Lacs.

And Mother’s Day technically does qualify as a major holiday. (How did Minnesota’s moms okay fishing opener weekend on Mother’s Day anyway?)

As a weatherman I can tell you, you definitely can’t please all of the people all of the time, but this weekend could come pretty close.

The checklist:

-We’ve had plenty of rain to keep farmers happy? Check.

-We should see plenty of sun for sun worshipers this weekend. Check.

-Daytime temps warm enough for fisherfolk, golfers, baseball, and mom? Double check.

-Cool enough at night for the bonfire crew? Yep.

-No rain…on a weekend? Roger that.

-Winds light enough to enjoy your favorite lake? Yupper.

Wow, did I miss anything? That about covers it.

High pressure will linger both days this weekend. Look for plenty of sun, light west winds, and daytime temps int he 60s Saturday to lower 70s Sunday. Nights in the 40s north to 50 south. It doesn’t get much better in Minnesota on a weekend in May.

28 mondale.jpg

Courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota State Attorney General Walter Mondale and Minnesota Governor Karl Rolvaag display their catch on opening day of the 1963 Minnesota fishing season.

Fishing Opener weather: More than you ever wanted to know

This will go down as one of the better fishing openers in Minnesota. 75% of Minnesota Fishing Openers are rain free, but the weather is highly variable for Fishing Opener weekend.

After a tough winter for some resorts with the lack of snow, the great weekend weather will be a welcome bonus.

Here’s the scoop on Minnesota’s Fishing Opener weather from the Minnesota Climate Working Group.

2012 Minnesota Fishing Opener Weather

Minnesota’s Fishing Opener weather is typified by partly cloudy to cloudy skies, morning temperatures in the low 40’s, and afternoon temperatures climbing to near 70. Three out of four years are free of measurable precipitation. A trace of snow has been reported in northern Minnesota on at least five of the last 64 fishing openers. On at least four occasions, some lakes were still frozen for the opener. Generally there is enough wind to be felt on the face, maybe enough to ‘fly’ a flag. Weather on Minnesota fishing opener dates is highly variable. 64 years of fishing opener weather data are summarized here to offer a glimpse of what is ‘typical’ and what is ‘extreme’.

Statewide, less than one year in five offers totally clear skies. The average amount of cloudiness lies near that fuzzy boundary between ‘partly cloudy’ and ‘cloudy’, but over half of the dates were classified as cloudy.

Average daily wind speeds generally range between 8 and 15 miles per hour. This range can is described as ‘wind felt on face …’ to ‘… wind extends light flag’. The predominant wind direction is split fairly evenly between blowing from the northwest, south, and east.

Drought Dissapears:

I posted extensively on the drought Thursday morning, but here’s another great way to visualize the disappearing drought in Minnesota.

What a difference a week can make!

28 dm2.PNG

Source: U.S. Drought Monitor (USDA)

Mosquito Boom Ahead?

You knew it was coming sooner or later.

Last night on my weather lab bike ride, I rode through clouds of young mosquitoes just waiting to grow big enough to attack the nearest unsuspecting jogger or dog walker.

The extra rain this month has filled mosquito breeding areas, and the little buggers are hatching and ready to rumble. Look for a big uptick in mosquito number in the next week, and brush up on your swatting technique.

Want some good news? We’re not defenseless!

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District is always busy checking (even small) breeding grounds in your neighborhood.

Here’s a great tool to check and see what’s being treated in your neighborhood.

28 mmcd1.PNG

Mosquito breeding areas near White Bear Lake.

Source: Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

29 mmcd2.PNG

Site specifc info from MMCD on a pond next to a park in White Bear Lake

Source: Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

You can do your part by making sure pots, birdbaths or anything else that can collect water and serve as breeding grounds are emptied of standing water every week.

Make it a great Friday!


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