May 2012 Now Ranking Among the Wettest

With the frequency of heavy thunderstorms dominating the Minnesota landscape this month, some observers are reporting one of the wettest Mays in history. Currently on a statewide basis this May ranks among the top ten wettest in history. For some individual climate stations it is already among the top five, including:

Chanhassen 9.22 inches (wettest ever)

Chaska 8.53 inches (4th wettest)

Jordan 9.17 inches (3rd wettest)

MSP Airport 8.18 inches (2nd wettest)

Forest Lake 9.62 inches (wettest ever)

Windom 8.40 inches (2nd wettest)

Pipestone 8.29 inches (4th wettest)

New Ulm 8.16 inches (4th wettest)

Mora 8.56 inches (wettest ever)

Floodwood 7.32 inches (wettest ever)

With more rainfall due this month over the weekend and into the middle of next week, it is likely this May will move up the state rankings among the wettest. The all-time state record value for May of 13.21 inches at Hokah in 2004 may be safe unless another intense thunderstorm delivers several inches to one of these communities.

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