Live blog: Forest fire near Ely, Minn.

A 90-acre wildfire south of Ely started spreading quickly Thursday afternoon, leading to the evacuation of parts of the city.

We will be posting updates here.

  • MaeN

    Which side of town is the NABC, where bears are and also where is it from the Research Center of Dr Rogers? thanks

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    Mae – the Bear Center is on the west side of town. The evacuation area actually is closer to the International Wolf Center, though the evac area does NOT include the wolf center, according to the maps I’ve seen.

    (disclaimer: I’m not in Ely right now; just posting based on my own past trips there and knowledge of the lay of the land)

  • Linda

    Thank you MPR! I am a camp host 8 miles north of Ely. For a while today, cell phones, local radio WELY, MPR radio all went silent. With the slowest mifi connection you can imagine, I could still get updates from MPR. You rock!

    The town of Ely and the Bear Center lost power for a while this afternoon. I have campers who were there when it happened.

    Let’s all hope that the winds die down and that any thunderstorms do not include lightning. The woods are extremely dry to the point of being noisy underfoot. We need a long soaking rain!

  • Jo Jo

    to the person on here concerned about the Bear Center – shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your major concern should be for the PEOPLE of Ely. Although everyone is also concerned for the animals – unpenned animals know how to get out of harms way. Peoples homes and lively hoods can not!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Joyce

    I too was wondering how close to the NABC the fire had come. I’m so glad that the North American Bear Center is not in danger, and I’m CERTAINLY NOT ASHAMED OF THE FACT THAT I WAS WORRIED ABOUT IT!! I’m also concerned about the bears’ habitat as well. I have followed Doctor Rogers’ and Sue Mansfield’s very important study of these bears for 6 years. It’s only natural to be concerned. The NABC is well known all over the world. With current coverage by the BBC, millions more will be worried and concerned about the bears and the bear center. Especially with fire so close. The NABC and Dr. Rogers have put Ely on the world map, and made Ely’s bears famous. This certainly doesn’t mean that we aren’t concerned about humans in and near Ely…it’s just that as fans of the bears, and a fan of Lynn Rogers’ “first of its kind” study of Black Bears, we are painfully aware of anything that could threaten their work. So…SHAME ON YOU JOJO…for not realizing how important all of this is to the rest of the world, and for belittling someone for making an innocent inquiry about how close the fire is to the bear center.

  • Steffie

    I hope everyone is safe & unharmed, I totally agree with you Joyce xxx From NZ 🙂