A dent in the drought

Drenching rains the first week of May have helped some of the drought-stricken areas of Minnesota. Rivers and lakes are responding to the two to five inches of rain that fell in the past week.


Rainfall past seven days, ending 1155pm CDT Sunday

Source: NOAA NWS

The Minnesota River response at Henderson shown in this hydrograph:


Source: NOAA NWS

The Mississippi River in St. Paul is rising:


Source; NOAA NWS

The drought status previous to the heavy weekend rains in southern Minnesota:


Source: Minnesota State Climatologist Office

Sunshine returns today with temperatures near seasonal normals.


Looking ahead to Saturday, perhaps a graduation day, the temperatures are expected to be mild. Thinking about planting the annuals? Why not!

1 p.m. temperature forecast from NAM for Saturday, May 12th:


Source: Twisterdata.com

Craig Edwards

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