Shorts to jackets: 45 degree temp crash (70s to 30s) in 36 hours?

82 in Fairmont at 4pm Wednesday

73 high temperature in the Twin Cities Wednesday

Last 70 degree temp for a week in the metro?

21 dock shot.jpg

Beautiful spring scene on Lake Minnetonka this week

Photo Credit: Paul Huttner – MPR News

37 and a chilly drizzle in Grand Marais Wednesday

Frost & freeze warnings out for northwest Minnesota Thursday morning

Metro lows in the 30s (and possible frost) Friday through Sunday morning?

22 frost.PNG

Frost & freeze warnings for northwest Minnesota Thursday morning.

Source: Grand Forks NWS

“That is not weather, that’s an emergency condition.” – Lewis Black on Minnesota weather

Minnesota: Tale of 3 seasons – in one hour!

Welcome to Minnesota.

If you wanted winter, spring or summer you could find it all in Minnesota Wednesday afternoon.

Didn’t get enough of that wintery feeling this year? How about beautiful Grand Marais, where a chilly drizzle fell in wintery 37 degree air next to an ice cold Lake Superior.

Want spring? How about some sunny skies and 63 in Thief River Falls?

Not good enough? Okay, how about a summery 82 degrees (average highs for July) in Fairmont along I-90 in southern Minnesota.

Check out some of these observations from the same hour…4pm Wednesday in Minnesota.

A passing low pressure system and a huge temperature contrast meant you could literally drive a few hours to the weather of your choice Wednesday. A temperature contrast of nearly 50 degrees at the same moment… in one state.

Maybe Lewis Black has it right when he describes how crazy we all are to live in Minnesota. This is really funny stuff, but fair warning…it’s very adult and laced with profanity… and not for you if you’re easily offended by “strong language.”

Still I post the link here because I think it says something about Minnesota weather, and just how high our “tolerance level” is to extreme…sometimes insane weather changes. What we think of as “normal weather” in Minnesota people in other parts of the world would truly call an emergency!

Next: Cold front

Wednesday high of 73 was the 5th day at or above 70 this month. last month, we tallied 8 days at or above 70 in March, including one day of 80 degrees in march on St. Patty’s Day.

That looks like the last 70 degree day for about a week in the metro and most of Minnesota.

A cold front sweeps through overnight into Thursday morning.

Temps will tumble through the 50s Thursday, and plunge into the 30s by Friday morning.

23 metty.PNG

Source: Iowa State University

Frost and freeze warnings are flying for northwest Minnesota Thursday morning.

Even in the metro, patchy frost is a possibility Friday through Sunday morning as the nose of cool Canadian high pressure slides in.

It’s still too early to plant the garden. Mom always used to say after Mother’s Day. And we all know mom is always right.


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    Oh come on, we’ve been eating salads out of the garden for 3 weeks. Go ahead and plant everything – it will be fine.