Record Dewpoints and Record Rainfalls

Strong southeast winds on Sunday, April 15th ushered in plenty of atmospheric moisture, setting new dewpoint records for the date. MSP Interational Airport reached a high dewpoint of 61 degrees F (tying 1976 for highest ever on Apr 15th). Elsewhere new dewpoint records were reached at Farimont and Makato with 63 F, and at New Ulm with 64 F.

Given the huge influx of moisture, the record rainfall amounts that occurred late in the day on Sunday (Apr 15) and early in the day on Monday (Apr 16) should come as no surprise. Some of the new record rainfall amounts included:

MSP 1.19″

St Cloud 1.51″

Grand Rapids 1.51″

Browns Valley 2.22″

Wheaton 2.11″

Pipestone 1.71″

Rothsay 1.97″

Pelican Rapids 2.10″

In addition to these, a number of northern Minnesota observers set new snowfall records for April 16th, but those are still being compiled.

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