Crops: Improving soil moisture; Early planting progress

69% of Minnesota reporting “adequate” topsoil moisture

+20% jump from last week’s numbers

84% of spring wheat planted in Minnesota as of this week

17% 5 year running average

21 crops.PNG

Source: USDA/MN Ag News

Rainy week in Minnesota:

Ah, that felt good! That’s the first time in months I’ve been able to type the phrase “rainy week.”

Widespread rainfall helped boost topsoil moisture in Minnesota last week. 69% of topsoil is now reported as “adequate” according to this week’s Minnesota Crop Report. That’s up from 49% last week, or a full 20%.

Some areas have picked up 2″ to 3″ of rainfall in the past week including.

-North Mankato 2.21″

-Rosemount 2.22″

-Wheaton 2.52″

-Wadena 3.12″

Our record mild March in Minnesota means filed prep and planting is ahead of schedule. 84% of spring wheat is in the ground now, compared with 0% last year and 17% for the 5 year running average!

21 wheat.PNG

Source: USDA/MN Ag News


  • jon

    Extremely interesting.

    We have a small patch of spring wheat in our back yard we put in, back in March, it’s about 6 inches high and looking very good.

    We are hoping to put some barley in, but didn’t have the seed until a few weeks ago, and haven’t had time, and the cooperation of the weather to get it in yet (maybe this evening)