Umbrella Fest: More rain today, locally heavy downpours

.58″ rainfall last night at MSP Airport

.89″ at St. Paul’s Holman Field

1″+ at several locations in south central MN

More showers & T-Storms developing today & tonight

Locally heavy rainfall totals possible

1″ to 2″+ in some areas through tonight

A troubled front:

Get ready for more rain today.

A troubled cold front has stalled in western Minnesota. Ahead of the front, warmer, more humid unstable air is ready to wring out another round of showers and T-Storms. The atmosphere is ripe for locally heavy tropical style downpours today and tonight.

Local rainfall totals of 1″ to 2″+ could focus on a zone from Albert Lea along the I-90 corridor to Rochester, up through the metro into western Wisconsin.

2 wxsst.png

NWS graphic

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

Drought Buster?

This wet weather pattern looks stuck in place. Waves of low pressure will spin north along a stalled frontal zone this week.

2 2 rafl.PNG

Source: ISU

That could be great news for easing Minnesota’s drought in some areas.

Rain should persist most of the week in the southeast third of Minnesota, including the metro. I would not be shocked to see some 2″ to 4″+ rainfall totals this week at some Minnesota locations.

2 2 day 3.gif

Source: NOAA

That may not end the drought, but it’s a great start!

Severe threat limited?

2 2 activity_loop.gif

Source: NOAA’s SPC

I can’t rule out a severe storm or two this week, but there are a few factors that limit severe weather potential in Minnesota.

-Cooler air has moved in, with temps about 10 degrees cooler than before Monday evening’s outbreak.

-More clouds may limit heating this week form the sun.

Still, if we get some sunny breaks at the right time during the afternoon…a few isolated severe storms could pop.

Grab your umbrella and keep one eye on the sky this week!


  • PFB

    On the SPC map shown in this posting, what is the significance of the color of the lines (light brown and green) and the direction of the arrow head on one end of them?


  • Brock

    Why is the cold front stalling? Typically we seen them run right through. Why not on this occasion?