Midwest snow drought: Lowest snow cover in 7 years!

33.8″ of the USA covered with snow today

56.9% covered 1 year ago

28.8% of the Upper Midwest covered with snow today

7 years since this little coverage in the Upper Midwest

(22.9% in 2005)

86.3% last year on this date in the Upper Midwest

0.8″ average depth of Midwest snow cover today

14.1″ average depth of Midwest snow cover last year on this date!

Flurries in the metro today – light dusting at best

1″ to 2″ along the I-90 corridor in southern Minnesota today

2″ to 4″ in northern Iowa

5 wxs2.png

Light snowy dusting south today:

A few “lucky” towns will get some light snow today in southern Minnesota, and there may even be enough to plow in northern Iowa.

A weak system passing south of Minnesota will bring a few flurries or snow showers to the metro. A snowy dusting is most likely in the south metro today.

1″ yo 2″ may fall near the Iowa border, with 2″ to 4″ in northern Iowa.

At least it’s something for drought stricken southern Minnesota!

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

Snow drought: Lowest snow cover in 7 years in the Midwest!

Overall this winter has been a big bust in the snowfall department.

In fact it’s the least snowy winter in 7 years as measured by the percentage of snow cover on this date.

5 mdw sc.PNG

Snow cover today in the Upper Midwest

5 last year sc.PNG

Snow cover last year!

Looking back over the past few years, this is the least snow cover on this date in 7 years in the Upper Midwest.

5 sc stats.PNG

The numbers from NOHRSC:

% snow cover in the Upper Midwest

(Western Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakotas & E Montana)

25.4% today

73.6% last year on this date

99.1% in 2010

55.6% in 2009

90.2% in 2008

92.0% in 2007

51.4% in 2006

22.9% in 2005

The more telling number may be the average depth of the snow. This year 0.8″. Last year 14.1″

Last year 3 to 6″+ of water was locked up in snow pack ready to be released during the spring melt. This year we’ll be lucky to get an inch of runoff if things keep up this way.

The good news? Little or no chance of severe flooding this spring.

The bad news? Little runoff for rivers, lakes & ponds.

There are still some signs of at least some snow in Minnesota next week.

Stay tuned!


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