Game On: Snowy pattern could produce 1-2 FEET next 2 weeks!

3″ to 5″ snowfall totals in much of the metro Monday night

4″ to 7” for much of northeast Minnesota today!

9 to 1 snow to rain ratio (That’s a pretty “wet” snowfall)

.44″ liquid from snowfall in New Hope

4 months since we’ve seen this much precipitation in the metro (October 12th .54″)

Active jet stream now racing through the Upper Midwest

Several snow systems likely in next 2 weeks

1.5″ to 2″ GFS liquid precip output next 2 weeks

12″ to 20+” snowfall possible for some Minnesota locations next 2 weeks?

Feb 21st 006.jpg

Instant winter wonderland at the weather lab Tuesday

6 snw tot nws.png

NWS snowfall totals from Monday/Tuesday’s snow event

Here we go:

It’s official.

Somebody flipped Minnesota’s snow switch to the “on” position.

Monday’s productive snow system was the first wave in what looks to be a series of snow systems aiming for Minnesota in the next 2 weeks.

If the forecasts verify, some parts of Minnesota could pick up 1 to 2 FEET of snow in the next 2 weeks including Monday’s snowfall.

6 wxs2.png

A series of storms?

The GFS accurately predicted Monday night’s snow system, and it’s keeping things active. Here’s a break down of potential snow systems in the next 2 weeks according to the GFS.

6 metty.PNG

Wednesday night & Thursday: A clipper like system capable of producing a few more inches (another 1″ to 3″+) of snow.

Sunday & Monday: A potential “major winter storm” capable of producing heavy snowfall (6″+?) somewhere in Minnesota depending on storm track.

March 3rd: Another system possible

March 7-8th: Yet another rain/snow system possible

Feb 21st 002.jpg

Bosco The Weather Cat surveys the situation

Snow adding up?

If the GFS verifies, total snowfall (including last night & today’s system) could be 1 to 2 feet in parts of Minnesota in the next 2 weeks. The last few GFS runs have been cranking out anywhere from 1.5″ to 2″+ the next 2 weeks, and that should translate into more than a foot of snow for some Minnesota locations.

Feb 21st 001.jpg

4″ of heavy wet snow weighs down weather lab shrub

Keep in mind it’s not spring yet, and the potential for heavy snow lingers another 5 weeks or so in Minnesota.

This could be great news for easing Minnesota’s severe drought.

Stay tuned!


  • That is one handsome Weather Cat.

    I’m guessing Bosco is recommending shoveling away this (heavy) snow since more is on the way.

  • Would Bosco be named after Joannes de Sacro Bosco, by any chance?

  • Paul Huttner

    Thanks for the comments about “Handsome Bosco!”

    Bosco is sort of a rescue cat. A family nearby had to let him go because their son was seriously allergic. We took him in, and kept his name.

    He’s the best, handsomest cat ever.


  • art

    After going outside this morning and attempting to remove the snow, I immediately converted our dishwasher into a snowblower: got the wife a new shovel.