Wintery relapse; Wisconsin snow today

10 degrees in the metro Thursday morning

-42 temp change since Tuesday afternoon!

Now that’s more like it!

Oh yeah. Remember January?

The arctic express has raced through Minnesota on schedule. Temps flirted with zero this morning in northern Minnesota, and hovered around 9-10 above in the south. This is the coldest day since December 10th in many Minnesota locations.

6 wxx.png

Wisconsin snow:

Snow is piling up on the leading edge of the cold air outbreak in Wisconsin. If you’re planning travel to the east today toward Eau Claire, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay or Chicago, expect snow along I-94 from Eau Claire east.

Latest Wisconsin radar loop

Latest conditions from Milwaukee NWS

Storm total snowfall should generally fall in the 3″ to 6″ range for much of central and eastern Wisconsin by Friday morning.

6 wi snow.png

3 addvv.png

Coldest week of the year on average in Minnesota:

The timing of our long overdue cold outbreak is good. This is, climatologically speaking, the coldest week of the year on average.

According to the Minnesota Weatherguide Calendar, the average high in the Twin Cities is 23 degrees and the average low 7 above from January 9 – 18th. (newest 30 year averages)

If you take the midpoint of those days you could say January 14th – Saturday- is the coldest day of the year on average in Minnesota.

Of course, “average” doesn’t seem to mean much ion Minnesota these days!


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