Old Man Winter comes out of hibernation

Well, it is about time we tap into some colder air north of the border. Ten days into the new year and the temperatures are running close to 15 degrees above normal. According to climate statistics we are entering the coldest two weeks of the year. Daylight has already lengthened and Old Man Winter has to play some catch-up. That begins today.

Blustery winds will follow in the wake of the advancing cold front. The leading edge of much colder air is slicing through central Minnesota this morning with a band of mixed precipitation. Temperatures are headed down at most locations today. Winds and wind chill readings will be the weather story today and tonight.

Snow lovers will have to head into Wisconsin for winter recreation later this week. A couple inches of snow are possible overnight as close as LaCrosse and Eau Claire.

NOAA’s forecast for the most likely area to receive four or more inches of snow on Thursday is shown here.


If your travel plans take you east on Thursday,you may have some delays headed into Milwaukee and Chicago, where a Winter Storm Watch hs been posted.

This plunge of modified arctic air is targeted for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here’s a look at the NAM temperature forecast for 6am Friday morning. Sub zero minimum readings are likely in northeast Minnesota.


The National Weather Service in Duluth shared this information about the mild January weather in their neck of the woods.

Snapshot of radar at 7am. The general movement has been southeast at 25 to 30 mph.


Snow is mixed with rain. Liquid precipitation is likely to be a tenth of an inch or less central Minnesota this morning. Only a trace of moisture has fallen in the Twin Cities so far this month.


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