“June-uary” goes out like a lamb

“June-uary” 31st today – January goes out like a lamb

44 degrees at MSP Airport Monday

(Just 4 shy of the record high of 48 degrees set in 1989)

25 average high for January 30th

+19 degrees vs. average

43 forecast again Tuesday in the metro

90% of the USA warmer than average in January!

Say goodbye to “June-uary” 2012:

It’s been remarkably warm across the lower 48 this month, not just in Minnesota and the Midwest. Details from NBC’s Brian Williams and The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore.

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Meanwhile in Alaska:

4 ak2.PNG

Weather Underground image from Fairbanks, AK.

(Image credit: wunderphotographer TerezkaSunshine.)

Details from the Weather Underground.

All-time U.S. low temperature record threatened?

“The coldest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was a -80°F (-62.2°C) reading from Prospect Creek, AK (about 180 miles north of Fairbanks) on January 23, 1971. A weather station just a few miles from Prospect Creek, the Jim River DOT site, appears to have recorded a low temperature between -78°F and -79°F Saturday morning (January 28, 2012), shortly before the weather station lost power. Keeping the power going at -70 is very tough, and it is not a surprise to see that the station lost power during this extraordinary cold snap. Power just returned this morning to the site, where the temperature was -66°F at 7 am AKST. Wunderground’s weather historian Christopher C. Burt is corresponding with Alaska’s state climatologist to get more information on whether the data during the power outage will be recoverable, and how reliable these near-record low temperature might be.”


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