Friday snow; Cold lingers thru Saturday; Snow & 30 Sunday?

Clipper brings snowfall to southern Minnesota Friday

3″ to 6″ likely Redwood Falls, Mankato, Owatonna & I-90 corridor

Coating to 2″ likely for most of the metro

Winter storm warnings posted for northern Iowa for up to 7″ snowfall

Difficult travel Friday along I-35 south in southern Minnesota and into Iowa

2 sub zero days in the Twin Cities so far this winter (Jan 18th & 19th)

Cold lingers through Saturday Sub zero possible again Friday & Saturday morning

Temps moderate to near 30 by Sunday south, 20s (above) north

Wintery mix of snow sleet and freezing rain possible Sunday

Fence post snow.jpg

Friday Clipper:

Our next weather tracks through southern Minnesota Friday. This system is focusing a dry powdery snowfall on the on southern half of Minnesota.

The Twin Cities lies in the northern part of the system and snow could impact morning rush in the metro.

The heaviest snowfall totals lay out along the I-90 corridor and into northern Iowa. If you’re planning travel along I-35 into Iowa, expect plenty of snow!

5 ia.png

Cold lingers into Saturday!

It may not be quite as cold as what we saw Thursday morning, but arctic air will linger in Minnesota into the first part of the weekend. We should see more sub-zero readings early Friday and Saturday.

5 fr nt.png

Temps moderate Sunday:

Winds will begin to blow from the south Sunday. Temps will recover some, and moisture will stream north brining a wintery mix of precip.

It looks like mostly snow for northern Minnesota, but enough mild air may work into the lowest mile of the atmosphere that a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain may fall from the metro south.

Pond Hockey weekend:

5 pond.jpg

You have to love the forecast this weekend for pond hockey in Minnesota. At least we’re not dealing with 50 degrees and water on the ice!

If you’ve never seen it, I strongly encourage you to head out to lake Nokomis or Lake Minnetonka and check out some really great hockey as it was meant to be played in Minnesota.

Of all the things “invented” in Minnesota over the past decade, pond hockey tournaments have to be one of the best ideas in Minnesota history!


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