Grey Metro, Wintery mix north today

3 wxs.PNG

Welcome to Brussels. Or is it Hamburg, Bremen or London? Seattle or Portland maybe?

In college I spent a long grey fall-winter semester in Frankfurt. Did I suddenly get transported back in time?

This is what winter looks like when it’s just not quite cold enough to snow. The metro will feel like northern Europe again today. Wet, with shades of grey. Give me back a real Minnesota winter?

Expect scattered rain to continue today in the metro and southern Minnesota.

Latest Twin Cities radar loop

Tricky up north!

Up north there’s just enough cold air to make things dicey today. A mixed bag of freezing rain is causing icy roads in Duluth and northeast Minnesota. Some snow is coming down and producing a couple of slushy inches in spots.

Latest Duluth radar loop

3 dlh.png

High pressure will blow in tomorrow and clear the skies, and bring us a more typical December chill in the air.