White New Year? Growing New Year’s Eve snow threat emerges

A quick update on a late development in the overnight model runs early Thursday.

Two of our main forecast models, the GFS and NAM are now suddenly spinning up a low pressure system right over Minnesota and Wisconsin on New Year’s Eve.


GFS model pains rain to snow potential over eastern Minnesota at midnight on New Year’s Eve!

If the models are right, New Year’s Eve would start mild, then quickly turn colder and a transition from rain to snow could occur late on New Year’s Eve…possibly by midnight!

Snowfall could accumulate in and near the Twin Cities in the wee hours of 2012.



It’s still early so stay tuned, but be aware there is a potential change in the forecast for New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day…and we’ll be following the models closely through Friday.


  • Erica Johnson

    Good morning,

    I am wondering if we are potentially trending toward a hot and dry spring & summer, given how dry it was this fall and continues to be this winter. Your thoughts?

  • Paul Huttner

    Hi Erica:

    People ask that one quite a bit. There really is no correlation between a winter of summer season and the following year.

    The drought continues for now, but that pattern could shift by spring as La Nina finally fades away for good.

    Stay tuned!