Showery today; October reality check, First (snow) flakes next week?

Well you knew the front had to arrive sooner or later. It looks like today is the day.

4 wxss.png

Rainfall looks to be scattered in nature, but some of us may see between .25″ and ,50″ rainfall totals.

4 wed rain.PNG

Kuehnast Lecture at UM Thursday: What Are Climate Models Good For?

My MPR colleague Dr. Mark Seeley passes along this info on what should be another great Annual Kuehnast Lecture at the UM Thursday. There are way worth checking out if you love weather and climate topics, and they are open to the public!

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Also, here’s a great opportunity to meet Mark and talk a little climate with him Wednesday at the signing of his new book “Voyager Skies” the Freshwater Society in the west metro near Lake Minnetonka.

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First snowflakes next Tuesday?

I know…it’s hard to believe. But this is the time of the year when we have to watch the models very closely for possible big changes.

As colder air filters in next week, a low pressure spinning by to the south Tuesday may bring the right mix of cold air and moisture to produce the season’s first snowflakes for parts of Minnesota.

4 rs.PNG

It’s too early to tell if there would be any accumulation…but stay tuned and be ready for at least a chance of dropping the “S-Word” into the forecast next week.

4 snow.PNG

It wouldn’t be a big shocker to see a few snowflakes in mid-October….the metro averages 0.6″ of snowfall in October and Duluth averages 1.6″ this month.

Kiss the 80s good bye…our October reality check is here!


  • Very good post, Paul. I had been wondering about a lot what you discussed.

  • paul @n mankato

    MPR treats us to weather analysis as a discussion and not mere data. So much of our economy relies on agriculture and in turn is affected by weather. Thanks for your balanced view which goes beyond predictions of “clear and pleasant for the weekend “.