Embarrass keeping up Minnesota’s reputation

As is so often the case this time of year, Embarrass, MN is appearing in the national weather summary as the coldest climate station in the lower 48 contiguous states. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Embarrass reported minimum temperatures of 13 degrees F, 14 degrees F, and 18 degrees F, respectively. Coldest in the nation outside Alaska. That’s five times this month that Embarrass has reported the lowest temperature in the lower 48 states. Milder temperatures for Embarrass the remainder of this week.

Watch for Hurricane Rina to form in the Gulf later this week. Depending on strength, it may hold the potential to alter the upper air pattern across the MIdwest by Halloween.

  • michael

    Has the Twin Cities micro-climate magnified even more in terms of dry air and reduced precipitation?

    Have lived in Twin Cities 30 years and I have seen repeated instances of rain and or snow falling south, west, north and east but somehow missing the core urban area. I have even noticed times when there have been holes in the overcast directly over downtown Minneapolis.

    Any thoughts?