Weather perfection? Drought expands in Minnesota

79 degreee high at MSP Wednesday

74 average high today

80 forecast high today

+1.8 degrees so far at MSP in September

.02″ rainfall at MSP so far in September

-.74″ below average so far for the month

San Diego with lakes:

Welcome to San Diego, with lakes (and loons!). Our dry, sunny stable weather pattern is what you might expect from southern California in late summer or early fall. With highs near 80, lows in the upper 50s and dew points in the 50s, this is what many consider “ideal” weather for human comfort. No AC or heat bills to worry about through this weekend.

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Just add water: Drought expanding in Minnesota:

Ther latest U.S. Drought Monitor is out today and it shows areas of dryness and drought expanding in Minnesota this week.

Nearly 42% of Minnesota is now categorized as “abnormally dry” with 4% of that area in “moderate drought.”

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Two main areas of drought are emerging: One in the north from Ely and the BWCAW to the central North Shore region. The second in southern Minnesota along the Minnesota River Valley and creeping intot he southwest metro.

I can assure you that the weather lab in the west metro is indeed “abnormally dry” for the first time in nearly a year.

Details from the Minnesota Climate Working Group:

Dry Late-Summer 2011 (updated September 7, 2011)


“Portions of St. Louis, Lake, and Cook counties are designated as undergoing Moderate drought. Stream flow in those areas are low due to the lingering impact of precipitation deficits during the 2010 growing season and spotty rainfall this spring and summer.

Portions of southern Minnesota are depicted by the U.S. Drought Monitor as Abnormally Dry. Much of this region reported significant late-summer precipitation shortfalls (maps below). Precipitation totals for the past six weeks range between one and two inches in many areas, a negative departure from the long-term six-week average of three to four inches. When compared with the same six-week period in the historical database, the 2011 precipitation totals rank among the lowest on record.”

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  • Craig

    this dry spell began at my place in August. I bought a new rain gauge at the end of the month and so far I’ve had three rainfalls that have been barely more than a trace. I’ve had mornings with heavier dew recently.