Weather perfection today: Brief weekend heat & thunder cameo

How do you spell relief?

That old line from a Rolaids commercial (written in part by my late friend ad wizard Richard Calveli) is perfect to describe today’s fresher weather pattern over Minnesota.

72 degrees coolest temperature since Saturday morning in the metro

60 lowest dew point in about 5 days.

A weak bubble of Canadian high pressure is gracing Minnesota with cooler and much drier air today. A few showers linger along the Iowa border where deep moisture still resides southward into Iowa.

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Dew points in the 50s & 60s are giving air conditioners a rest in Minnesota today.

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Afternoon temperatures near 80 north and near 88 south will feel much more typical for late July in Minnesota.

The relief will be short lived, as dew points begin to creep upward again Friday and return to the 70s.

Rain chances increase:

As warmer & more humid air bubbles north again Friday, look for our chances for showers & T-Storms to increase again.

1 1 1 1 1 wx sty.png

The first chance of an isolated storm may roll in overnight tonight into Friday morning.

A better chance for more T-Storm coverage rolls in overnight Friday into early Saturday morning, then again later Saturday PM & evening.

1 1 1 1 1 wkd rain.PNG

Rain chances increase again this weekend.

Humidity too:

Dew points may spike upwards to near 80 degrees again on Saturday…and heat index values may exceed 100 again Saturday.

1 1 1 1 1 dewps.PNG

Dew points spike this weekend, but fall next week.

The “good” news is that the return to heat will be short lived this time, as a new cool front pushes drier and more comfortable air into Minnesota again Sunday. Look for temperatures to return to the 80s and dew points to drop into the comfy 60s & 50s again early next week!


  • Jamie

    Well, I wouldn’t say “perfection,” but it’s close. It’s still a little warm, especially in the sun. But even in the sun it’s pretty darn nice.

    Hey, do you at Updraft here do the weather report and predicions elsewhere on this site? Could you put in the predictions for the days ahead what the dew point is expected to be? For example, in the description of tomorrow’s weather, it says it’ll be 85 to 90 degrees, but nothing about the expected dew point/humidity. The humidity is a more important factor for me. When it was 103 degrees here a month or so ago, it was really not too bad because the dew point was relatively low. So I’d like to know what the humidity is going to be like if you’re able to predict that.