Sun returns Friday! 80s return next week

We are on the verge of a big improvement in our weather, and judging from the weather “feedback” I’ve been getting lately it’s coming just in time!

Let’s get the cool stuff out of the way, and then focus on the positive trends in the forecast.

Thursday: Coldest day until September?

Read ’em and weep.

81 average high for the metro on June 23rd

63 temperature at MSP Airport at 3pm Thursday

-18 degrees vs. average

63 record “low maximum” temp for MSP Airport on June 23rd

63 average high for October 7th!

1 1 temps.jpg

Weather Channel temperature plot form Thursday afternoon shows the coldest air in the nation…right over Minnesota.

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Welcome to “Junetober” in Minnesota. This week’s lingering low pressure system pumped in an air mass into Minnesota that’s more like early October than late June….with temperatures running nearly 20 degrees below average under the low stratocumulus cloud deck.

Many locations in Minnesota flirted with “record low maximum” temperatures Thursday afternoon, as temps struggled to get into the 60s.

1 1 rec low max.PNG

63 degree record low maximum at MSP on June 23rd

Sun makes all the difference:

To the west of the departing storm it was sunny Thursday in northwest Minnesota and the Red River Valley.

Temperatures responded with highs well into the 70s in Fargo & Grand Forks!

1 1 gfk tmps.PNG

Summer SAD?

I’m hearing a lot of comments about people who are seriously depressed by this relentless barrage of wet & cool days & weeks. It just seems we can’t string together two sunny mild days in a row this spring, and after a brutal winter it’s understandable that peopel are feeling blue about the weather.

There are anecdotes from all over the place, but one reliable source I have says people coming into her place of business are really feeling low. Call it summer SAD if you want, but it’s real. We’re used to talking about SAD in December and January…but not June. What a year!

There is good news in the forecast and the sun will return Friday, and not a minute too soon it appears. Looking ahead…it really does start to look and feel a lot more like summer in the next week.

Hang in there!

Sun returns Friday!

The chilly gray weather pattern system will mercifully depart Minnesota on Friday.

Skies should clear overnight, and the sun should be out in full force all day Friday. Do you remember where you put your sunglasses?

Temperatures should recover well into the 70s Friday afternoon. The sun will feel great, and be good for all of us at this point.

1 1 fri maxy.png

Weekend Forecast: 6 of 10 stars??

The weekend look a lot better than what we saw this week, but I hesitate to say it’s going to be perfect. After all, this is Minnesota in the weather year of 2011 right?

A weak upper wave will slide into Minnesota Saturday. The GFS leans toward just a few clouds and maybe a shower Saturday night. The NAM is a little more aggressive, and attempts to bring some stray (mostly light) showers through Saturday.

We may have a little more clarity late Friday but for now I would say Saturday should see a mix of clouds & sun, and maybe a sprinkle or stray shower or two.

Maybe I’m being overly cautious compared to some other forecasts in town…but I’m a little wary of saturated soils and the low level moisture “feedback” that may favor a cloudier day. I hope I’m wrong on this one and we see more sun than clouds Saturday.

Sunday looks to be on the “edge of nice” as well. I can see a mix of clouds and sun, and a slight chance of a shower.

It does look warmer this weekend. Temperature should at least make the high 70s both days!

80s return next week!

All signs point to a return of summer like weather later next week. The week may start on a wet note Monday, but a ridge of high pressure should build Tuesday & Wednesday.

It appears temperature will surge into the 80s late next week, and I could see a shot at 90 next Thursday!

1 1 14 day.gif

The longer range forecast looks mixed as we head into the July 4th weekend. One scenario is warm, humid & thundery…another cooler but dry.

Stay tuned…and enjoy the sunshine Friday!

Minot Flood Video:

Video provided by the military shows the flooding Souris River in Minot Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


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