Three tornado tracks documented by NWS

Here’s the details for three distinct tornado tracks from Sunday’s severe storms. Tornadoes impacted the Metro, Forest Lake and Brill, Wisconsin.

Two inches of rain fell in Preston and Spring Grove, MN and in Decorah, Iowa on Wednesday. Target Field measured 0.02 inch with the Twin Cities International Airport receiving a tenth of an inch. Indeed, a sharp cut-off to the heavy rain in southeast Minnesota.

Visible satellite image this afternoon shows thunderstorms beginning to fire up in Tornado Watch box areas.


Weekend weather looking like somee dry periods might allow outdoor activities late Saturday morning and early afternoon, as well as much of Sunday. Thundershowers most likely Friday afternoon and evening, late Saturday and on Memorial Day.


  • Jason

    Where are the details on the tornado tracks?

  • Craig

    Click on the word “details” in the first sentence.