Sunday looking to be the best day of the Holiday weekend

Another chilly night is in store for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Temperatures dipped into the 20s in northeast Minnesota this morning and a repeat is in store for Friday morning. The low this morning was 25 degrees in Embarrass and 26 degrees in Orr.

Low temperatures forecast for tonight from the Duluth National Weather Service.


Headlines for the chilly night. Protect your plants, if you’ve already risked planting your annual flowers.


Moisture is expected to advance west to east on Friday. Rain is likely into Friday evening. More thundershowers are likely to develop in central and northern Minnesota on Saturday afternoon and night.

Currently, the progression of the weather pattern suggests a dry period will present itself on Sunday with temperatures close to seasonal normals, in the lower 70s. Cooler temperatures, in the 60s are on tap for northern Minnesota.

Showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast for Memorial Day.


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