New Statewide Precipitation Record for April 10th

Amidst the severe weather headlines out of Iowa and Wisconsin this weekend, some of the heavy thunderstorm rains in Minnesota were overlooked. Though the Metro Area did not see a great deal of precipitation, many observers in southeastern and northern Minnesota reported near-record or new record amounts for April 10 and 11. Some of these reports from the north over April 11th included:

Kabetogama 1.44 inches

International Falls 1.21 inches

Little Fork 1.28 inches

Waskish 1.59 inches

Bagley 1.73 inches

Mahnomen 2.09 inches

Bemidji 1.59 inches

Itasca State Park 1.40 inches

Cass Lake 2.11 inches

The amount at Cass Lake was a record 24-hr amount for the month of April, going all the way back to 1906.

Some of the amounts from southern Minnesota observers over April 10th included:

Chatfield 2.02 inches

Winona 1.46 inches

Rushford 1.73 inches

Albert Lea 1.58 inches

Austin 2.09 inches

La Crescent 1.55 inches

Spring Valley 1.72 inches

Grand Meadow 2.44 inches

The value at Grand Meadow broke the all-time state record for April 10th which was 2.40 inches at Bricelyn (Faribault County) in 1947.

Chances for widespread April showers continue this week for many southern Minnesota counties right through Saturday.

  • MK

    Why didn’t the heavy rainfall and storms, which were predicted, not materialize on April 9th and 10th, 2011?

  • jim

    why isnt MPR discussing the potential heavy snowfall potential for Fri/Saturday,latest GFS model is printing out 15″ at MSP,dont you think we should be at least warned of the possibility even if it doesnt occur,dont wait till the last minute tell us what the future holds,thats only 3 days away anyway cant you speak about it with some coinfidence or should the snow start falling before we hear about it from MPR,everyone else at least is mentioning the possibility,or do you just have spring fever and dont believe it could happen