An okay scenario, keeping a watchful eye on river levels

Last evenings forecast run delivered by the North Central River Forecast Center in Chanhassen for the second crest at St. Paul.


Any additional precipitation on Thursday through Sunday could impact this forecast. Hydrological models ingest quantative precipitation forecasts only for the next 24 hours.


Second crest expected on the Crow River in Delano.

Red River at Fargo:

The crest of 38 to 40 feet on the Red River in Fargo on next Monday is unchanged from yesterdays forecast.

Since December meteorologists and hydrologists have been speaking about this spring flood. Forecasters offered up best case and worst case scenarios. Perhaps the biggest factors of late have been the slow thaw and the lack of significant precipitation the last ten days. There has been less than a third of an inch of liquid precipitation in the Red River Valley since March 23rd.

The weather models are painting swaths of precipitation about the region the next five days. At this time it’s still too early to call for potential amounts almost anywhere in the state. You’ll recall just last weekend how an anticipated half inch of moisture bypassed southern Minnesota.

Severe weather season is in full swing to our south. Over 800 reports of strong winds and hail, along with 20 tornadoes were reported yesterday.

Storm Prediction Center storm report data. Select April 4th.


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