Wild Forecast: 50 again! Heavy snow returns Sunday night?

Get ready for a wild weather ride the next few days.

Our thaw continues today, but with a twist.

Snow melt, low level moisture influx from the south and lighter winds are combining to produce some fog & misty drizzle around Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. The fog wil be most likely late at night and early in the morning.

Gusty winds helped “mix out” moisture the past few days and prevent fog, but now that winds have died down, low level moisture trapped near the ground is creating fog blankets in part of the region.

Expect some morning fog, if the fog burns off we should still see milder highs in the 40s this afternoon and Thursday. If the fog lingers, temperatures could be held in check.

The incoming air Thursday is so warm that if we get enough sun…temperatures could crack the 50 degree mark Thursday afternoon in parts of southern Minnesota!

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Growing snow threat Sunday night and Monday:

After Friday’s cold front and a quiet weekend, the next weathermaker appears to be on the horizon Sunday night & Monday.

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GFS: Heavy rain/snow shield in southern Minnesota Sunday night?

Latest indications are that low pressure will strengthen near Omaha Sunday night, and could shove a rain/snow mix into Minnesota. As the system slides into Iowa the precip could change to heavy wet snow by early Monday. One model (the GFS) is cranking out several inches of heavy wet wind driven snow by Monday noon.

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GFS cranks out heavy snow for MSP Airport Sunday night & Monday.

(click for a bigger, better view)

It’s too early to say if this scenario will pan out, but be prepared for at least the possibility of significant (possibly heavy) snow late Sunday night & Monday.

As we say in the weather biz…stay tuned!


  • bob

    bring winter back,a couple more snowstorms would be nice(how about we make a run at 100 inches,nice round number) Paul tell me how your post here talks about heavy snow in our backyard for Monday but Paul Douglas(Startribune)says storm for Monday fizzles,when you guys pretty much did an update at the same time,do you look at the same models/info?

  • Mark Weinberger

    Bring it on! I hope we get enough snow to at least partially make up some of what we’ve lost with this warm spell. And I like the thought of a run at 100 inches for the season. Let it snow.