Pacific transfusion

Cue the ukuleles.

Okay, maybe the milder wafting into Minnesota isn’t quite a tropical Pacific air mass, but Bermuda shorts are within the realm of possibility for some spring crazed Minnesotans over the next week.

Our extended February thaw is ready to kick into high gear by this weekend. Several days with above freezing temperatures are likely, and there is a decent chance of the first 40 degree reading in southern Minnesota including the metro.

Winter from space:

Check out the amazingly detailed high resolution visible satellite image today from the MODIS Terra satellite. The clear arctic air and higher sun angle make for ideal viewing conditions.

The image clearly shows frozen lakes, rivers, and the Twin Cities urban landscape. Also visible are ice floes in Lakes Superior and Michigan, extensive snow cover and lake effect snow bands over the Great lakes.

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A clear high resolution view from space of the winter landscape over the Upper Midwest.(click for bigger image)

You can click on even higher resolution images here.

Melting snow ahead:

There is around 12″ of snow on the ground in the metro and more like 2 feet in northeast Minnesota. With temperatures pushing 40 next week, and even nighttime lows above freezing in some areas, we’re going to melt a lot of snow next week. It’s possible an inch a day could go… and maybe some snow piles will finally shrink a bit, and you’ll likely see your driveway again.

Night Fog? Once we start melting snow, the additional moisture injection into the lower atmosphere will likely create some dense fog, especially at night and in the early morning. If the fog lingers into the afternoons, that will keep temperatures down a bit.


  • Steve

    I thought that in some years Lakes Superior and Michigan froze completely over. In that picture there is almost no ice at all on them. What is up with that?