Light snow in the Arrowhead


The most likely area to receive a couple inches of snow in the next twenty-four hours is in the Minnesota Arrowhead. A push of milder air over the cold surface air should create enough lift to produce a band of light snow over northern Minnesota .

Here’s some coffee shop talk for you today. On this date in 2010, the Twin Cities received the last measurable snow of the winter season 2009/210. That left our seasonal snowfall tally at just more than forty inches.

So far this winter, the snow has accumulated 74.9 inches at MSP International Airport. Interestingly, the seasonal snowfall to date at both International Falls and Duluth is 74.8 inches, according to the NWS climate data posted on the Duluth NWS website.

From the NWS in Chanhassen; a graphical representation of snowfall the last five years.


The legend from the NWS, showing the five year seasonal snowfall tally. Red is this winter, and yellow is the record year of 1983/84.

There appears to be two distinct snowstorms in early March and late April in 1984 that launched the Twin Cities to the seasonal record total of 98.6 inches.


  • Chris

    Love the graph love all the snow. Hopefully even the snow haters will want more snow now. It would be a shame to come this far and not go for the record. All the ‘pain’ only to finish second or third? We are better than that.

  • Craig

    On May 7th, the Twins game with Baltimore was postponed because of cold, damp weather. A trace of snow fell in the Twiin Cities, but Duluth accumulated more than four inches of snow.