How do you feel about the winter of 2010-’11?

There’s an old saying “there really is no bad weather, just different kinds of good weather!”

Or you might say “one person’s weather trash is another’s weather treasure.” Any way you slice it one thing is for sure, you can’t please all of the people all of the time with weather.

It’s been interesting to talk to Minnesotans about our rigorous winter of 2010-’11.

As you can imagine, I get many different perspectives on our weather everywhere I go. Basically opinions about this winter fall into two camps.

Camp #1: This is a great winter!

I’ve spoken with many folks who are enjoying this winter of consistent cold and snow for outdoor recreation. It’s been an ideal winter for downhill & cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, pond hockey etc.

January 9 Cottagewood Rink.JPG

It’s been a great winter for outdoor ice rinks.

Personally, my Friday night hockey group has taken advantage of the excellent outdoor ice all winter long.

As I posted yesterday in this space… “The good side of this winter is that it has been a really great time for outdoor winter recreation. I play in a weekly Friday night pick up hockey game with “the boys of winter” at a local outdoor ice rink, and the consistent cold has produced great ice this year. As much as I want warmer weather, I will miss the great nights on the ice under the stars in a cold Minnesota sky.”

The frequent snows (60″+) have made for stunning winter scenery since mid November.

Many of you have enjoyed this “real Minnesota winter.”

Camp #2: I can’t take it anymore!

I’ve also talked to many hearty Minnesotans who are just plain sick of this winter. The frequent snowfall has caused you many headaches commuting to work.

Front walkway ice2.jpg

Massive ice chunks from the weather lab roof ice dams!

The heavy snowfall events are creating glacial ice dams on your roof and damage to your home, not to mention collapsing the Metrodome and other roofs causing major headaches and ripple effects for thousands. Baseball teams from the University of Minnesota to Louisiana are looking for places to play games this spring, with big economic consequences.

The pothole choked and heaving roads have caused damage to your car. The consistent cold is driving your heating bill through the roof, and chilling your fingers and toes to the bone. The icy walkways and parking lots are a constant danger for falls and injuries. City governments have burned through snow removal budgets, costing all of us more.

The heavy snow pack is forecast to cause record spring flooding, which may potentially cause hundreds of millions in damage.

You’re sick of winter and you’re so ready for a big thaw, now!

As you can see there are “winners and losers” in any weather scenario. The ski areas and your snow plow guy love the frequent 2″ to 3″ snowfalls. MNDOT? Not so much. The gas company loves the cold as it drives additional demand…and profit. Your home heating bill? Not so pretty this year. Roofers and ice dam removal companies are booming. Your insurance company? Not so happy.

You get the idea.

So what about you? Are you happy with this winter? Enjoying the cold and snow? Sick of looking out your window at ice chunks and snow piles the size of your kids?

Here’s your chance to let us know how you feel about this winter…and how it’s affecting your life or business.

Fire away!