A little thaw, but cold air to dominate

After morning temperatures that dipped as cold as 11 below zero at Crane Lake, and 6 below at Princeton, southwest winds pushed in some relatively milder air this afternoon.

Late this afternoon temperatures were in the upper teens and twenties. The mercury will not drop much tonight as the moderation continues. The best chance for snow accumulating a couple of inches later tonight and Wednesday is over far northern Minnesota, including the Arrowhead.

A dome of chilly air will settle in over the upper Midwest on Thursday. This should keep the northern extent of significant snow accumulation around northern Illinois.

Here’s the latest thinking from the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center for the most favored area to see four inches or more of snow on Thursday night and Friday.


Yesterday we showed the outlook into the first week of March indicating a continuation of colder than normal temperatures for our region.

With the arctic air in control, heavy accumulations of precipitation may rim the state the next several days. Here’s a projection of precitation, in liquid form, for the next five days. Lighter amounts of moisture could still result in a couple of inches of snow in Minnesota, but nothing major. But stay tuned. Models struggle with systems as we approach the spring season. Sunset is nearing 6PM CST


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