Epic Australia flood video & snow in 49 States

This is one of the “best” flash flood videos I have ever seen.

Torrential rains trigger epic flash floods in Australia. This is the anatomy of a flash flood.

Notice how it’s not pouring rain where this video is shot, but upstream the deluge is sending a wall of water toward the videographer. It doesn’t take long to turn cars into “floaty toys.”

Remember it only takes 6″ of swiftly moving water to knock a person of their feet. And it’s painfully obvious in the video that only 2 feet of swift water can send cars floating downstream.

Snow in 49 states today:

Here’s the latest snowcover image from NOHRSC.

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Snow cover is reported in 49 of 50 states in the USA today. Snow covers nearly 70% of the USA, and is present in every state except Florida. There’s even snow in Hawaii with snow on Mauna Kea.

Automated Model Discussion:

January 11, 2011

Area Covered By Snow: 69.4%

Area Covered Last Month: 33.1%

Snow Depth

Average: 6.9 in

Minimum: 0.0 in

Maximum: 897.2 in

Std. Dev.: 11.4 in

Snow Water Equivalent

Average: 1.4 in

Minimum: 0.0 in

Maximum: 434.9 in

Std. Dev.: 3.0 in

While it might seem unusual, snow all the way into the Deep South in mid-winter is not that uncommon. You may recall last winter there was also snow in nearly every state in February.

There are also reports of snow in all 50 states in January of 1977.

Do we feel better in Minnesota now that nearly everyone is sharing our snow cover?