Slow going

The big dump of fresh snow for parts of southern and central Minnesota and on into Wisconsin is making for a slow go on the highways this morning. Give road crews and snow removal experts an opportunity to clean up the several inches of fluffy snow. The malls will be glad to see you later today.

Little additional accumulation is expected today in MInnesota.

One of the higher snowfall amount I spotted this morning was over nine inches in Glencoe, Minnesota. They were lucky enough to be in the sweet spot of prolonged heavy snow last evening.

Snowfall reports out of the LaCrosse NWS Office from early this morning.

Chilly air has settled over the region, but temperatures are about ideal to enjoy the newly fallen, high-quality snow. The coldest core of the invading air mass appears to be aimed at the Great Lakes Region. With light winds and mainly clear skies sub zero temperatures are seen for northern Minnesota on Monday morning.



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