Band of moderate snow over the Twin Cities


Radar operating in what is known as CLEAR AIR MODE. White color depicts band of heavy snow.

The band of snow that was just south of Interstate 94 at 6PM CST, dumped a quick three inches of snow around Glenwood. This band of snow has translated east and is now dumping generous snow on the portions of the metro as of 9PM CST.

The Twin Cities has now been included in the Winter Weather Advisory where snow amounts could locally approach four to five inches by very late tonight.

Looking at this radar snapshot from around 930PM CST, you can see a bright band of heavy snow directly over Minneapolis and South St. Paul. A hole in the snowfall is positioned southwest of the metro.

Snow is likely to fill in over all of southwest Minnesota by midnight. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until Friday morning for that portion of the state south of Interstate 94.

Your link to the latest weather information from the Chanhassen Office of the NWS, including a link to road information.


  • Paul Kammen

    The models seem to have been quite off lately, from the earlier storm that looked to go along the border to this where all local media outlets anticipated next to nothing for the Metro. Even with the broad advisory, Hennepin wasn’t initially included, and now looks like Hennepin and Ramsey now look like they may get the most. I can’t imagine how frustrating forecasting must be when you have models telling you one thing and all the data plugged in and getting things changed at the last minute. A wise forecaster once said the models giveth and the models taketh away; I think he was right. Now local weatherguys keep harping about the New Year’s storm, with I believe Ian over at the number 9 calling it a potential storm of “epic proportions,” or at least that’s how my mom put it. Hopefully the models change their minds on that one and get it wrong. Now if only they could give out Powerball information.

  • eli

    This blog is embarassingly superior as a source of weather info than anything else I can find. Rss subscription immanent. Thanks plentiful.

  • Bill

    It’s really amazing how the minute this storm was written off it came back with a vengeance. Hard to believe with today’s technology that something could go so awry…. but obviously, it can.

    Always great information here. Thanks.

  • Craig

    Outside the SW Metro weather lab this morning I measured a fresh, high quality 3.7 inches of snow. Probably a 16 to 1 snow to water ratio. This is indeed a humbling profession. In the olden days, my friends would tell me they just shoveled three inches of partly cloudy.

    Who would have forecast that band of heavy snow to set up right over the metro, as well as the gap in the snowfall just southwest of us?

    snow on roof tops is getting serious!!!

  • Craig

    Regarding the potential storm at the end of next week, maps are too scary to look at. We’ll deal with that post Christmas. Snow ends for the afternoon Christmas Eve travel, but watch for slick spots