November 16, 1931 a most peculiar day in Minnesota history

On this date in 1931 temperatures soared into the 60s and low 70s F across parts of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities. St Peter reported 70 degrees F while New Ulm hit a high of 71 degrees F. Dewpoints climbed into the 50s F with strong southwest winds, gusting between 25-30 mph. By sunset dark clouds with lightning and thunder were crossing over central and eastern Minnesota. About half past nine in the evening a tornado touched down in Hennepin County near Maple Plain destroying several barns and outbuildings in the rural landscape as it tracked NE for 5 miles. Must have been pretty frightening to have such a storm so late in the season and after dark.

This remains the latest date on the calendar for a tornado in Minnesota. The next year on November 16, 1932 the morning low was just 5 degrees F with an afternoon high of only 23 degrees F and a trace of snow on the ground in the Twin Cities…..far more winter-like.

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