It’s cold

Weather Story out of the NWS Grand Forks office paints a picture of more snow later today along with very cold wind chill readings.


Bundle up! The coldest temperatures of the season have arrived for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Use your own adjective to describe the cold!

The Wind Chill Index was altered several years ago. Wind Chill readings of twenty below zero approach the danger category. Exposed flesh can freeze in less than fifteen minutes. At daybreak the air temperature was eleven below zero at Fosston with a wind chill of thirty-five below. By the way, sunshine is not taken into account for the wind chill formula. It is based on exposed flesh with temperature and wind around six feet above ground.

Wind Chill Chart


  • Zebulun

    As recently as yesterday, the Grand Forks NWS was talking about possible blizzard conditions for Thanksgiving Day. There was practically panic at the grocery stores. I woke up to a distinct lack of severe weather conditions. What happened? Mind you, I’m thankful for its absence.

  • Craig

    The Grand Forks office had posted a Blizzard Watch earlier this week,. That indeed was of interest in the weather lab. From what I could tell it was based on the potential for blowing snow and low visibilities, not on a anticipated heavy snow event. I’ll leave it at that.