Indian Summer weekend: Snow chance next week?

Get set for Indian Summer Minnesota style.

This weekend should feature the mildest weather for (possibly) the rest of the fall season. Temperatures will run 10 to 15 degrees above average this weekend in Minnesota. The average high this weekend in the Twin Cities is 45 degrees.

Here’s the breakdown of the weekend forecast:

Saturday: Mostly sunny, breezy & milder. Highs mid 50s south, near 50 north. Wind S-SW 10-20 mph & gusty.

1 1 highs sat.png

1 1 sat wind.png

Sunday: Plenty of mild sun, less wind. Highs near 60 south, 50s north. Wind south 5-15 mph.

1 1 highs sun.png

The mild weather looks like it will linger into Monday with highs again pushing 60 in southern Minnesota.

Chance of snow next week?

Forecast models are winding up a low pressure system in the southern plains next week. The models differ on track & timing, but there is a potential that parts of Minnesota could see snow next Thursday night into Friday. The thermal profile for the storm is still in question….in other words where will the freezing (or rain-snow) line be Thursday night and Friday morning.

1 1 gfs snow.gif

GFS model cranking out precip for eastern Minnesota Thursday night and Friday.

It looks like the storm may begin as rain Thursday evening…with the potential to change to snow overnight somewhere in central Minnesota…possibly including the metro.

Stay tuned.

Forum: Minnesota Tornaodes 2010

Here’s a great event for weather geeks next week. The Twin Cities Chapter of the AMS will present a forum on Minnesota’s record breaking year in 2010. The event is at the University of St. Thomas next Friday evening at 6:30pm, and is open to the public.

Details here.

Enjoy the great weekend weather!


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