Could have been worse

We may say on occasion there will be a quick inch or two of snow, but in this storm we picked up a quick six to eight inches. Snow fell as heavily as I’ve seen in some time; accumulating four inches between 630am and 930am. You know what I’m talking about if you were in the southwest metro.

There are a couple of positives or rarities about this abating storm. 1) There was no cold air instrusion ushered in on a blast of northwest winds. Temperatures late this afternoon were actually milder in northwest Minnesota. 2) The snow was so wet and heavy that twenty mile an hour winds produced no blowing or drifting. 3) As the snow tapered it settled fast with compression along with melting from the relatively warm soil temperatures. 4) If you got your paved driveway shoveled immediately after the heavy snow subsided you were left with a wet surface that you could actually walk and drive on.

Pockets of light snow continue in central Minnesota. Accumulations about the Twin Cities overnight should be an inch or less. Snow in northeast Minnesota could tally another three to four inches by midnight.

Overnight minimum temperatures will drop just below freezing. Sufficient to test your driving skills later tonight and early Sunday.

Nine inches of snow has already compacted to about five inches in my yard. In the microclimate world I can see grass appearing on the south perimeter of the spruce tree.

How’d you like to have this similar event present itself on a weekday morning commute. There really is a silver lining.


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