Sky Show: Jupiter & Moon delight this week

There’s a treat in the southeast sky after sunset this week. Bright Jupiter and the waxing Hunter’s moon will dazzle sky watchers. The two heavenly bodies will draw closest Tuesday evening, with just 6 degrees of separation. (No word yet on whether Kevin Bacon will also appear.)

Clear to partly cloudy skies and a dry crisp October air mass should make for excellent viewing conditions this week. For best viewing, look southeast after sunset, and then watch Jupiter and the Moon cross the southern sky all night long.

1 2 Jupiter_Moon_7pm_Oct19.jpg

Jupiter and the waxing Hunter’s Moon will approach Tuesday evening.

(Click for bigger image. Image courtesy University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center)

Jupiter was in “opposition” to the sun in late September. It was also closer to Earth than anytime since 1963, making it as bright as many of us have seen in our lifetimes.

The Hunter’s Moon will be full on Friday at 8:37pm.

The two objects will put on a dazzling display all week long. Bring the kids out and check it out this week.


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