Metro escapes frost, again

Another October morning in the metro, another day without frost.

The temperature bottomed out near 40 degrees in the metro at 5am this morning, above the average of 37 degrees and several degrees above the frost threshold.

That pushes 2010 another day past the October 7th average first 32 degree reading at Twin Cities Airport.

1 1 msp lows.PNG

The temp bottomed out BEFORE sunrise today in the metro. This is a bit unusual, as minimum temperatures usually occur just AFTER sunrise on clear calm fall mornings. This morning’s wind and a few clouds kept temperatures bouncing around before sunrise today.

1 1 rad cool.png

It looks like the first “official” frost and 32 degree temp may arrive in the metro by late next week. That would put 2010 in the top 13 latest years for the arrival of the first 32 degree temp in the Twin Cities.

1 1 Oct 2010.PNG

As you can see form the chart above (courtesy Twin Cities NWS) this October is also the driest on record to date. It looks like that will change by early next week.

Pattern change ahead:

Our October weather winning streak continues through Friday with two more dry days in Minnesota. That will run the string to 27 days without measureable rainfall in most of the state.

Look for sun today with highs in the 50s.

More sun and southwest winds return Friday with a shot at 70° for southern Minnesota, and 60s up north.

A low pressure wave will track through Iowa this weekend brining a chance fo scattered showers to southern Minnesota.

A second, and much stronger low, will move in Monday and Tuesday. This second system looks wet, and many areas could see an inch of rain.

1 1 hpc.jpg

Look for much colder weather to follow next week. You may want to speed up those fall chores beofre Saturday.

Enjoy the next 48 hours of fine fall weather!


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