Minnesota River: All time flood record…In September!

They don’t teach this stuff in meteorology school.

Record floods are supposed to happen in April in Minnesota.

The Minnesota River surpassed the all time flood of record today at Henderson, southwest of the Twin Cities. The river level reached 739.83 feet today. That’s above the previous flood of record of 739.65 feet set back on April 11th 1965.

1 2 MN henderson.png

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Here are the previous top 5 floods of record for the Minnesota at Henderson.

Historical Crests

(1) 739.65 ft on 04/11/1965

(2) 739.50 ft on 06/23/1993

(3) 739.20 ft on 04/18/2001

(4) 738.50 ft on 04/28/2001

(5) 738.17 ft on 04/10/1969

The Minnesota continues to rise as the bubble of water from last weeks flooding rains moves downstream. Here are the latest forecasts for the south metro.

1 2 MN jordan.png

1 2 MN Savage.png

1 2 MN shakopee.png

Folks along the Minnesota River in the southwest metro should remain alert for rising waters this week. Here is the latest list of flood related road closures from MNDOT.

Good News for St. Paul?

The swollen Minnesota River pours into the Mississippi before it reaches St. Paul. Thankfully the heaviest rains last week were confined to southern Minnesota and the Minnesota River watershed. That means the mighty Miss will be able to absorb much of the floodwater without producing record levels on the relatively well protected Mississippi in St. Paul. Still, “major” flood stage will be reached and Harriet Island may submerge this week.

1 2 MS stp.png

Here are the expected flood impacts at various river levels for the Mississippi in St. Paul.

18 Warner Road may become impassable due to high water.

17.5 Harriet Island begins to become submerged.

17 Secondary flood walls are deployed at St Paul Airport.

14 Portions of the Lilydale park area begin to experience flooding.


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