Metro Frost? (Plus amazing Chaska flood video)

We may not need to be reminded that it’s October this weekend.

A shot of cool Canadian air will pour south starting Friday, and we could see the first frost of the year in parts of the metro this weekend.

While we may escape a killing frost in the core of the metro, temperatures may dive into the 30s on Saturday and Sunday morning across much of eastern Minnesota, including the north and east Twin Cities area.

Here’s a look at the computer runs for weekend lows.

1 2 frost.jpg

Temps may dive into the 30s Sunday AM.

(click for bigger image)


This is close to the average date for the season’s first frost in the metro. The average date for the frost 32 degree reading for MSP Airport is October 7th. Here are some average frost dates for other metro locations.

1 2 Avg frost.PNG

Frost dates courtesy Minnesota Climate Working Group.

It appears temps will likely rebound again next week after our brief early October chill this weekend.

Flood caught on video:

This is a time lapse video of Chaska’s Athletic park flooding by the Minnesota River. This video shows September 27, 2010 from 6am – 7:30pm. Pretty amazing stuff! No baseball today…


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