Fall colors may dazzle in 2010

Leaf peepers may be in for a treat this year.

Splashes of color are already popping up around the Huttner Weather Lab in the west metro and conditions appear just right for a potentially spectacular fall color show in 2010. This week’s Minnesota DNR Fall Color Report is showing 0 to 10% color in most areas.

1 a a a fall color.png

Here’s what it takes for great fall color according to the Minnesota DNR.

Fall colors vary from year to year and place to place for several reasons.

-Weather is most critical in determining the colors displayed each fall.

-Colors are best when high quality foliage – a product of a warm, moist summer – is exposed to sunny, cool fall days.

-Light frosts may also help, but hard freezes can ruin the display.

Much of Minnesota has seen a warmer and wetter than average summer this year. There is also every reason to expect light frosts as usual in the coming month.

Here are the typical peak times for “peak” fall color around Minnesota.

1 a a a fall color peak.PNG

Enjoy leaf watching this year!


  • My camera and I thank you for this heads-up.

    Here’s hoping fall colors are spectacular this year…