Earl, Minnesota tornadoes, and a pretty good weekend.

Talk about a close call.

As Hurricane Earl sideswipes the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the next potential target is battening down the hatches.

Cape Cod appears to be in line for another close encounter with Earl late Friday night.

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Earl finally made the expected turn to the north-northeast late Thursday.

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Though Earl is expected to weaken a bit (“weaker hurricane”…there’s an oxymoron for you) it may still bring hurricane force winds to Cape Cod this weekend.

Gaston Next?

After Earl’s east coast encounter all eyes will turn toward Gaston. Fiona is forecast to fizzle, but Gaston has at least some potential become a threat to the Gulf of Mexico and will bear watching next week.

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Minnesota tornadoes generate international interest:

Not to overstate this, but I found it interesting to get a call today from a reporter in Canada about Minnesota’s tornado numbers this year. Shane Judge is a reporter for the CBC News in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It seems our 145 preliminary tornado reports are getting some attention north of the border.

Shane says the meteorologists at Environment Canada (Canada’s version of the National Weather Service) are reporting increased severe weather numbers this year in southwestern Ontario as well. You never think of Atikokan as tornado alley, but in this crazy summer it seems anything is possible.

Tanker runs aground in ice free Arctic:

It seems our new ice free summers in the Arctic are creating new opportunities and potential hazards for shipping. Check this out from CBC.

Pretty Good Weekend:

After Friday’s foray into fall, the weather will mellow this weekend.

Look for a blustery Friday with highs on the 60s and a brisk gusty northwest wind at 15 to 30 mph over the lakes. Showers will spit rain in northeast Minnesota, and may roll down I-35 to just north and east of the metro by Friday PM.

Saturday and Sunday look spectacular statewide, and will be the best days to enjoy one last summer boat trip onto your favorite lake.

Look for plenty of sun, lighter winds and highs in the 60s Saturday with 70s statewide Sunday. Overnight lows will be nippy in the 40s north and near 50 south.

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Labor Day will feature a strong southeast wind, a little more warmth and humidity and a chance of scattered thunderstorms.


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