Open season in the Tropics


From the Tropical Storm Prediction Center/NOAA, the historical tracking of the hurricane season. We have entered the peak season for hurricanes. Read on for more on the storm developing in the Atlantic.

Early Saturday morning conditions may have felt nearly tropical in southern Minnesota. Shortly after daybreak, shrouded by fog, the dewpoint matched the temperature of seventy degrees, resulting in one hundred percent humidity. If you were out jogging you finished with your shirt pasted to your body.

Today will be another warm one across the state, before a cool front blows through tonight. Look for a band of thundershowers to develop late afternoon in northwest Minnesota. The showers are likely to exit into Wisconsin before dawn on Tuesday.

You will notice the change in the air mass on Tuesday with refreshing northwest winds. The mercury will likely remain in the seventies in the warmth of the afternoon, falling into the 40s and 50s by early Wednesday morning. In the Twin Cities, expect Thursday morning to be the coolest morning since May 31st when we dipped to fifty-one degrees.

Meanwhile there is tropcial system that is likely to become Hurricane Danielle in the Atlantic. At this time there is no immediate threat to the US mainland. Track the forecast from the National Hurricane Center here.

Heat continues in the deep south, where the temperatures will exceed one hundred degrees in Texas today. Arlington will top out at about one hundred and three degrees late this afternoon.

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