Making a strong run at 90 degrees


Here’s a snapshot of the expected temperatures at 1PM CDT on Sunday from one of the computer models.

No reason to pull back on the prediction of ninety degrees in the Twin Cities on Sunday. Today we soared from an overnight low of sixty-three degrees to a late afternoon temperature of eighty-seven. In the sunshine it feels even warmer than that.

Since we already have recovered from the cool front and seen temperatures well into the eighties today, we should watch the thermometer warm a degree or two both Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. How about ninety at 4PM Sunday!

The image paints very warm temperatures over a wide landscape on Sunday. The surface pressure gradient is also displayed. Wind barbs are in knots. Ten knots of wind equals eleven and a half miles an hour. Each long barb is ten knots. Expect a very warm and breezy afternoon for both Saturday and Sunday.

Moisture increases on Sunday. You’ll notice the higher dew points and humidity, that will be marginally offset by the south wind.

In the Atlantic Hurricane Danielle was producing sustained winds of one hundred and thirty-five miles an hour. Don’t ask me how they can measure winds that accurate over the middle of the ocean. I’ll have to get Paul Huttner to research that. Here’s more on Hurricane Danielle.

Tropical Storm Earl will become Hurricane Earl and will catch our attention on Sunday.


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