Ingredients for heavy rain


Updated thinking of rainfall potential for the next sixty hours from NOAA HPC.

In case you missed it, while the flooding in western Wisconsin yesterday was bad, it was easily trumped by the excessive flooding that created life threatening conditions in Ames, Iowa. So far this year Des Moines, a short drive south of Ames, has already received nearly 42 inches of moisture. That total through early August is 19 inches above the thirty year normal.

We have another run at ninety degrees in southern Minnesota today. Yesterday’s high in the Twin Cities was 93, making it the fourteenth day of the summer season with ninety degrees or greater. Last summer we had half as many days that reach 90 or better. The record high in Minneapolis/St. Paul for today is 94 set in 1965.

Earlier this morning, severe thunderstorms traveled southeast of Detroit Lakes. Storms should lose some punch this morning. The Storm Prediction center indicates a risk of severe storms over much of Minnesota during the next twenty-four hours.

Heat, humidity, thunderstorms, heavy downpours; welcome to the tropics.


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