Frosty up north: Coolest temps since June 2nd

You may be reaching for that extra blanket early Tuesday morning.

A fresh puff of cool dry Canadian air will send temperatures plummeting overnight to the coldest readings since June 2nd in much of Minnesota.

Virginia and Ely may bottom out around 37 degrees early Tuesday morning. The often colder nooks and crannies of northeast Minnesota like Embarrass and Tower may nip 34, with a touch of frost possible in low lying areas of northeast Minnesota.

1 a a a north frost.png

In southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities area, look for overnight lows in the lowers 50s. If the mercury plunges to 52 Tuesday morning, it will be the coldest morning in the metro since June 2nd!

Some of the outer metro suburbs may dip into the upper 40s early Tuesday morning.

1 a a a msp cool.png

The much drier Canadian air mass features dew points in the 40s and 50 in Minnesota. Dry air heats and cools more easily than moisture laden air, so temperatures drop off more quickly under clearing skies.

1 a a a dewps.jpg

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