Lake water temps hit 80 degrees

Lake water temps near seasonal highs:

A check of water temperatures near the Weather Lab in Lake Minnetonka this week shows a surface water temperature of 82 degrees. This is at or slightly above the peak average temperature for southern Minnesota lakes, which usually takes place from late July into mid- August.

1 a tonka sunset 2.jpg

July sunset on Lake Minnetonka. Water temperature 82 degrees.

(photo by Paul Huttner)

Even Lake Superior is showing unusually warm temps this summer with lake water temps near 70 degrees at the mouth of North Shore rivers like the Knife River.

1 a a lk superior tmp.jpg

Changes in wind direction over Lake Superior cause upwelling to bring frigid water to the surface with little warning in some areas. It is interesting to watch water temps fluctuate wildly in summer. Surface temperatures may be near 70 one day, and plunge into the 50s or even 30s in some areas with little warning. Keep that in mind if you are thinking of a dip in the big lake this summer.

What’s the water temperature at your favorite lake this weekend? Please send a comment if you have a reading from one of our 10,000+ lakes.

Enjoy the “bathwater” lake temperatures for the next few weeks.


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