Wet June may end drought in some areas

“It takes a flood to end a drought.”

That’s one of the many weather related quotes attributed to Mark Twain.

We may not get a flood, but the end of the drought may be in sight for parts of the Upper Midwest.

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An active jet stream overhead is dealing frequent low pressure systems to Minnesota this month. After a mostly dry but windy Wednesday, the next system is already taking aim.

This one could be the wettest of the bunch.

Take a look at some of the various rainfall projections for the next few days.

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Models and NWS hinting at another 1″ rainfall Thursday into Friday.

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1 a gfs pcp.gif

GFS model paints rainfall “bull’s eye” right over southern Minnesota Friday.

1 a hpc 5 day.gif

NOAA 5-day rainfall total hints at multi inch rainfall totals over parts of Minnesota.

The forecast models we use are notoriously aggressive with summertime, convective rainfall forecasts, but the set up the next few days may lead to some impressive rainfall totals in some areas. Anytime you get dew points surging toward the tropical 70 degree mark, you can get tropical and potentially flooding downpours.

Check out the anticipated surge in dew points in the metro by Friday.

1 a dewps 1.jpg

Some forecast models push dew points to the sticky, tropical 70 degree mark Friday.

With that kind of tropical moisture around, the next wave of rain may feature a little more thunder. There’s no shortage of moisture for crops this year. SPC keeps the main risk of severe weather just south and west.

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Enjoy our windy Wednesday. A pop up shower is not out of the question today, especially in the northern half of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This will be the best day of the week to get the lawn under control before another good soaking rain rolls in.


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