Tornado Tally: 23 and counting

They’re still adding up the grim numbers from last weekend’s devastating tornado outbreak.

At least 7 people are dead from the twisters. 55 tornadoes were initially reported Saturday, with another 3 on Sunday. Today those numbers have been whittled down to 23 tornadoes, but that number may still change.

1 a tor.jpg

Initial tornado reports are often twice as high as the final number of confirmed tornado touchdowns. Usually multiple observers report the same tornado. NWS lists every report, and then sorts out the actual number of tornadoes after the fact with ground and aerial survey teams.

Severe south again today:

Another day of severe weather is on tap for the central and southern plains. The zone is in a sharp contrast between record heat in Texas and the Gulf Coast, and much cooler air over the Upper Midwest. That’s where the air masses collide and do battle triggering severe storms.

1 a 1activity_loop.gif

Several record highs will be challenged today in the south, and the deserts of the southwest are heating up ahead of schedule this year.

1 a az heat.png

Hit & miss showers again today?

Look for a few scattered PM showers and maybe a T-Storm to develop again today in an unstable air mass over Minnesota. Cold air aloft will make for pop-up showers in the afternoon as the ground heats up, and warm thermals rise into the cooler air making the atmosphere unstable.

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Keep an umbrella handy again today.

Remember that old saying, if you don’t like the weather just wait 15 minutes?


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